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Founder and GOLD Sponsor of Middle East Talents Awards.

Pixelhunters is a 3D content, VR and Game Development company, headquartered in Dubai, UAE. Pixelhunters believes in the value of the education and supports multiple activities in the UAE that help young talents to grow their careers in the digital art and the video game industry.

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Chaos Group provides innovative rendering solutions for the media, entertainment, and design industries. For over a decade the flagship rendering software, V-Ray®, has set the standard for speed, quality, reliability and ease of use, and it has become the rendering engine of choice for renowned international studios. The company proudly supports the 3D community through a suite of software solutions: V-Ray® for Autodesk® 3ds Max®, V-Ray® for Autodesk® Maya®, V-Ray® for Autodesk® Softimage®, V-Ray® for Rhino®, V-Ray® for SketchUp®, Phoenix FD™ for Autodesk® 3ds Max®, Phoenix FD™ for Autodesk® Maya®, and Pdplayer™.

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Fox Renderfarm is a leading cloud rendering company in the CG industry. With more than 60,000 customers from 50+ countries and regions all over the world, Fox Renderfarm is knows for its easy to use desktop rendering software, quality performance, outstanding customer service and flexible pricing scheme. Their GoCloud program has just been released to help educational facilities, creative artists and charity groups who are short of rendering power.


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Adobe Systems 





3D Artist is an authoritative and respected source of inspiration for those currently or aspiring to be working in the computer graphics industry. Followed and supported by the biggest names in industry, every issue of 3D Artist features step-by-step tutorials to help enthusiastic artists improve their skills, careers advice, interviews from top industry insiders and behind the scenes access on major 3D projects. Every issue of 3D Artist is packed with awe-inspiring art, news covering the most imaginative community projects, and a variety of tips and tricks to help professionals and hobbyists alike explore every aspect of their creativity.

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Founded in 2009, CG Record strives to bring the most fresh daily news and inspirational material for Architecs, visualizers and CG Artists. Having established good relationship with both companies and individuals, CG Record has the support of experts in the industry. sharing knowledge whether it is an inspirational movie or image, an interview with a successful fellow, showcase of an architectural structure or a painting. Inspiration comes from anywhere and they love to share it.

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FUNN is  an organization established by Sharjah government (under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher Al Qasimi, wife of His Highness, the Ruler of Sharjah)  to promote and support Media Art (animation, film making, graphic design etc.) for young children and the youth of Sharjah and UAE. Our vision is to "Nurture the future generation of creative artists in media and film” by establishing a leading media arts education organisation that cultivates a long term impact in new media and arts education by organising media events, and by educating children and young people in the Media Arts in Sharjah and the UAE.

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Magmart | video under volcano, is an international videoart festival, established in Naples, Italy, since 2005.

Starting from its first edition, the festival has developed a partnership with the CAM - Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, an important territorial reality for contemporary arts, that has welcomed the 30 selected videos of any edition within its permanent collection.

The festival is grown along the years, becoming a relevant event for international videoart.

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 is a website with and about digital media artists, studios, companies, publishers, software, hardware producers and schools from entertainment and visualization area in general. The website will act as a very specialized search engine for the industry with the goal of generating awareness, contacts and interconnectivity opportunities for the artists, studios, companies, producers, publishers, software, hardware producers, schools, future students.This is not only about CGI, it’s also about artists, producers, owners, distributors, learning and an entire community and their relationship of shape, color, feelings and connections.

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  aims to ‘make a difference' in improving UAE's road safety.
We are an on-line educational platform targeted at the general public in the UAE, whereby we foster interactivity, dialogue and active contributions.
The initiative intends to be a permanent and holistic knowledge base for road safety content. It is vital, that our platform gets broadly communicated by involving our key stakeholders governmental entities, corporate supporters, media, other similar platforms and the traffic participants.

To the ancients, a stylus was a bone carved to a delicate point, a reed sliced and sharpened, or a sliver of carefully crafted metal; it moulded soft clay or worked pigments into vellum. A stylus was a tool of precision. It invoked the magic of the word, transmuting sound to surface.

Today, Stylus Copywriting wrights the soundscape of your business into words that conjure the essence of who you are; to the people who know you—and the people who don't.

Stylus is imagination with style; simplicity with flair.
      If you would like to become a sponsor of Middle East Talents awards and would like to award the best talents, please contact us at This is a non-profit initiative and all sponsors' awards are directly allocated to the participating talents.