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Official Launch of META 2017

September 18 2017

Middle East Talents Awards 2017 is now officially open!


PixelhuntersChaos GroupAdobe Systems MENA and Fox Renderfarm are uniting efforts to promote a NEW EMPOWERED EDUCATION. 


Every artist is triving to learn new things every day, the thirst for knowledge is a never ending story. Give knowledge and Receive knowledge! 


Since 2013, META has been showcasing talents and skills of digital artists not only from the Middle East but from all over the world. We are happy that every year the audience and the digital arts community are growing bigger. 


The Middle East Talents Awards is not only a competition but a platform to encourage professional artists with a special focus on young digital talents. We believe that innovative young creative people are our future and we are happy to help them being discovered and facilitate them grow. 


META 2017 has a new, expanded mission now. This year competition will not only aim to showcase talented artists but to increase its educational value and the sharing of resources within the community. 


Dear Artists, 


Showcase your talent and skills and be part of our community of digital artist. Join META 2017, share your knowledge with the community, participate to receive rewards that can help you increase your competences. 


META 2017 will be accepting artworks within the same categories as the previous years (2D Characters, 3D Characters, Interiors, Exteriors, Cars, Motivational, Innovation and Dubai 2020), BUT a MUST HAVE CONDITION for the submissions will be to submit WIP (work in progress) artworks together with the final finished work. Every submission, its WIP and educational tutorial will be featured in the META Blog. Submissions without WIP will be moved to the portfolio section of META and will not be considered for awards. 


The winning conditions are also updated. META 2017 is seeking the best 3 submissions with the highest educational value, within all submissions categories. To view the winners' awards please visit:


Submission deadline: 18 December 2017.