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Middle East Talents Awards is growing every year - as a platform to host artists' portfolios from all over the world and as a competition to reveal the best artworks in our community. We are happy to announce that currently META has more than 2200 different digital talents. 


Are you ready for META 2017? If you are a digital artist who wants to be seen by the world with your massive works of art, feel free to send us your masterpiece! This is your chance to express your artistic side and help us see your dreams and potential. Share your knowledge to the community by uploading your WIP and making tutorials and support the education of the younger talents. We all need to learn more!


Middle East Talents Awards 2017 is now officially open for submissions! Competition starts on 18 September, 2017 and ends on 18 December, 2017. 

Winners will be announced by end of January 2018.