Zakia Abdullah – Winner In META 2D Character Still

The Middle East Talents Awards community is growing and getting more successful. That is why our team decided to showcase each winning piece through a short interview.

Zakia Abdullah of United Kingdom created the winning piece “Komo” in Middle East Talents Awards – 2D Character Still category See the short interview with Zakia below:

1. What is your inspiration to make the winning piece?

“I was heavily inspired by the untold world of south Asian mythology. The visual style was based off Hindu monks (Sadhus and Sadhvis). I wanted to create a design which was both original and visually grounded in reality – traditional Hinduism with an edge fantasy flare.”

“Komo is based off one of 4 main character concepts crated as part of a university design brief. Photography of Afghan people such as Sharbat Gula as well as female characters such as Senua from hell blade really helped influence the narrative of this piece. I wanted her to be both mysterious yet alluring.”

2. Share some experiences during the making of your artwork.

“For this piece, I knew I wanted to base it off one of my 4 female monk designs. Once I had chosen which design to go with, I thought about the composition – keeping Komo the center of attention as the world flowed around her.”

“To speed up the process of refining I opted for a photo bashing technique. Here I used a combination of photos, over painting and concept art. Bashing bits of my environment concept helped to form the background quicker. I finished off by more over painting and color adjustment.”

Process of creation:

More information on the design can be found on my website:

(’5th sense’ PDF in the 2D section of my portfolio)

3. What is the best digital art that you have done apart from the winning artwork in META that you want to share to the digital artist community?

“I haven’t produced anything yet at the level I would like to, however I was pleased with an environment concept I did as part of a 2nd year group games project called ‘Ascent’ . The concept art and the game itself is what I’ve recently been quite proud with.”

The game can be downloaded free on game jolt:

4. Please share short message to the young artists who want to pursue their dreams in digital arts.

“Stay hungry for knowledge but try not to be hard on yourself, you are good enough and will do well as long as you put in the hours and have the passion. Challenge yourself reasonably and keep taking on board critic and applying it to what you’re working on. Become comfortable with being uncomfortable and keep reaching for the stars.”

Aside from the winning piece Komo, Zakia creates artworks that she shared in META. These are the “Stylized Victorian Bunny” and ‘Self Portrait – Muslim Women”.


Stylized Victorian BunnySelf Portrait of Muslim Women

Congratulations to you. Pixelhunters ( and Middle East Talents Awards ( team is happy for your contribution in this art. Our team will look forward to see more of your beautiful artworks.

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