The Making of “Robotic Elephant” by Rosana Marar

Happy to share another digital artwork of Rosana Marar. This is her 3D character META 2017 entry named “Robotic Elephant” ( Here’s the educational tutorial for her piece:

“Hello, Middle East talents awards!”

“Before I talk about what inspired me to do this model, I just want to give a quick introduction about myself for those who want to know more about me. I got my bachelor degree in computer graphics and animation. Animation has always been a passion of mine since I was a little girl. I worked as a 3D animator in a company here in Jordan for quite some time then I shifted my work field into academia and teaching animation. I got my master’s degree in computer science, and now I’m teaching in one of the leading universities in this major, Princess Sumaya University.”

“For one of my student’s projects, I decided to give them a close design to what I modeled. So I wanted to model the Robotic Elephant in order excite them to do it.”

“The Robotic elephant is a mix between a design for BlueRadical and another unknown 3D artist.”

Step 1: Modeling

“I started modeling the legs using a cylinder primitive and used the extrude tool to do the details of each part.”









“Most of the parts I modeled them by creating a cube,  added some loops to them and started shaping it up in order to get the desired output. For the upper leg, I used the lattice deformer to give it more volume (You can get the same result by moving the vertexes around)”



“As for the wires I created an EP curve and extruded the upper part of a cylinder to get that result.”

4 5













































Step 2: Texturing and Shading

“After unfolding the model, I assigned a material to the parts and changed the attributes of each material in order to get a more realistic result.”

Step 3: Light and Render

“As for the lighting of the scene, I used the dome light as a key light and added two area lights for the fill and Rim lights. And I used Arnold Renderer to render this shot.”






Final Render:



META 2017 team would like to thank you for participating in the competition. This educational tutorial will be another helpful tool for the digital artist community. Always believe in your talent and skills. We believe that a great digital artist is a person who knows how to inspire and motivate others. Enjoy the beauty of life and arts. Wishing you all the best!

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