The Making of “Hope” by Monika Mishra

“Hi everyone. I am Monika from India. I am a director of Art institute deals with different kind of projects including painting, mural, graphic designing and much more. Also working as a freelance 2d artist. I like to paint on Canvas but for this piece I chose Photoshop.”

Here is the link for the 2D character META entry “Hope” created by Monika Mishra: Let us go through the educational tutorial here:


“For me, the right title may provide insight about the artist’s inspiration and intention. I always wanted to do something related to “hope”. Nowadays it is very hard to find hope in the fast pace world. I wanted to portray Hope as human or someone people can relate to.” 

1. “For this piece, I drew the rough sketch on paper and kept refining the idea until I got what I wanted. I usually do the rough sketch and overlay another paper and make the rough sketch to a clean-lined one.”



2. “After that, I scanned it and did a few tweaks to the sketch in Photoshop. Once I was happy, I started to play with the colors. (For me Different colors can create a different mood for artwork. Mood means the feeling we get when we look at a work of art. We can create the mood by selecting warm or cool colors that remind us of emotions that we want in our artwork. Before starting to color, the tone of the color should be decided. Color tells about a work of art. For me, bright colors represent happiness. So I used a bright shade as the tone of the artwork.”



3. “Once the base color is chosen, I kept adding more color details. I used layers to mix and match. Since I wanted to keep the background in shades of nature, I selected those natural shades. For this piece, I had to find a way to keep the leaves and the branches fit with the character so that it’s a soothing blend of colors. I prefer to think that the subject and its surroundings are equally valuable and that they support one another. A background describes the story you are telling.  It gives the subject its roots; its sense of time and place, history, and meaning. Each background is its own evocative world.  We should relish our backgrounds, knowing that they are places our subjects cannot exist without.”



4. “I kept refining the image with different layers till I got the desired look. I always work with the layers in Photoshop to attain that perfect look by changing the modes to see the result.”



Middle East Talents Awards is happy to witness another beautiful and inspiring digital artwork from you. Your artworks look natural and vivid that will surely catch not only attention but also touches the hearts. Will be happy to see more of your creative works. Remember that realism is the oxygen of digital arts.


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