The Making of “Foggy Love” by Amir Varasteh

Amir Varasteh is a freelance 3D artist based in Iran. We are happy to share this autumn exterior named “Foggy Love” by Amir Varasteh which he submitted in Middle East Talents Awards 2017 ( In this tutorial, he presented the making of this project that he recently accomplished.


“The land were made with plan, I converted it into Editable poly.”



“Road Surface, I used Line, then converted in to Editable poly and with FFD modifier made it a little steep. Now the scene is ready for using Terrain Confomer script. You can download this script from here:




“Then I changed it to Edit Poly and by using the Vertex Paint modifier the surface of the path was separated from the rest.”



“As can be seen in the following screenshot, to distribute the grass and shrubs on the land I used Multiscatter plugin.”





“The materials used for making the land are shown below.”



“The Sky and the water materials.”



Render Setup

render setup


“The elements for postproduction.”

render setup1


“The characters were added by Adobe Photoshop.”


render setup2



“Finally, the selected elements and the blending mode were used to achieve a better result. The job was finished with some adjustments such as: curves, colorbalance, hue/saturation.”

post production


We thank you for your contribution to Middle East Talents Awards 2017. Indeed, this tutorial is helpful and useful to digital artists today especially the young artists in this digital arts industry. Keep creating beautiful artworks as it adds beauty and creativity in our world. Be an inspiration and don’t stop learning as you develop your skills. Your realistic digital artwork is truly an inspiration. Remember that an artist can always express himself without any limitations by creating a wonderful piece of art.