Mohamed Abuyhia – Winner in META Innovation Still

As an extended gratitude to all the Middle East Talents Awards winners, our team is happy to present and share the ideas from our winning artists. For Innovation still category, the award was presented to a creative and innovative artist from Egypt, Mohamed Abuyhia.

Let’s get to know more about the artist himself including his inspiration behind the winning piece entitled “King of Flow” Here’s our short interview with Mohamed Abuyhia

1. What is your inspiration to make the winning piece?

I always look for non-traditional ideas to make something new and unique. The beginning idea was mechanical drawing for water pumping station. By collecting the fittings I found many forms, so I decided to collect a new form of human body.

 The presence of water will make the station working normally, so without water will push these fittings to this shape.”

2. Share some experiences during the making of your artwork.

I will discuss some of the stages of the work. I want to make the work focusing on the contents of fittings details, with nice atmosphere and mood.

Software used:3ds Max, Photoshop and V-Ray

ReferencesHere are some of pictures that I used as references and which I found on the Internet.









To look at the project; we will find that the modeling seems to be slightly more and this feel that the project is difficult but in fact it is not, The project is simple in the shape and content, all the modeling was mad by using the editable Spline and editable poly, using pipe fittings.


Fig.05 Fig.06 Fig.09 Fig.07 Fig.03 Fig.02 Fig.08 Fig.04 Fig.10


















Materials and textures:

I used the Unwrap UVW technique, The textures I used in this project included maps within 3ds Max and some textures from

And all the materials I used were blend materials with V-Ray materials.

Here are some of the Textures I used in this project










For lighting this scene, I’ve used V-Ray light, Target Direct light as sun with V-ray shadows and HDRI Image.

The settings for these lights can be seen here:











For rendering, I used V-ray and the settings that I used for the render can be seen here Fig.13


Post-production is the most important stage of any work and the simplest. The target of this stage is to add atmosphere and mood to the scene.

I composited the image inside the Photoshop. Firstly I merged the render elements also corrected the colors and I added some simple effects by using the Photoshop brushes and the pretty plug-in “Color Efex Pro 3.0” to add atmosphere and mood to the scene below:









And here is the final result image:








3. What is the best digital art that you have done apart from the winning artwork in META that you want to share to the digital artist community?

The Gift










The Gift – This work inspired many of the ideas during the implementation of the carpentry workshop tools work was fun for me, as has been tradition for more than an idea of some of the people around the world.”

4. Please share short message to the young artists who want to pursue their dreams in digital arts.

Nothing is impossible with my beginning with the digital art I create a very simple and unsatisfactory works but with a little patience and insistence on make a good artwork has been able to achieve much of what you wish for and still looking forward to more and more. Only with time and a little patience everything is possible.”

Our winning artist creates amazing interior artworks that he submitted in Middle East Talents Awards apart from his winning piece. These are: Ibn Tulus Mosque, The Gift and Breeze of the Past. See the artist portfolio here:

Our team congratulations you once again for your contribution in this art. Pixelhunters and Middle East Talents Awards team will look forward to witness more of your skillful talents through your work of art. All the talents we have witnessed in META are indeed a great inspiration to the digital artist community.