Ahmad Turki – Winner in META 2015 Exterior Video

Digital artists discover their interest from making designs, illustrations and arts. In the CGI world, everyone can be an artist as people are naturally creative in different ways.

In Middle East Talents Awards, digital artists across the world are welcome to join and be part of the growing community – whether you are a student, a junior artist or a professional one. Let’s get to know some inspiring words from Ahmad Turki who created the winning video Containers. He is the winner in META Exterior video category and a 3D Artist from Jordan but currently living in UAE. Here’s our short interview:

1. What is your inspiration to make the winning piece?

“I love doing exteriors and always making new ideas. Using Containers was a nice idea after going through some contraction books and galleries.”

2. What are the challenges and experiences you faced during the making of your artwork?

“After coming up with the idea of using Containers as a house model, the challenge I faced was the design, and how to arrange the containers in artistic way without looking like a mess.”



3.  Of all the digital arts you created, which one are you most proud of apart from your winning piece in META and why?

“My favorite peace of art I made is called (Island). I got published in 5 different magazines such as 3D Artist, 3D World Magazine, 3D Creative, Advanced Photoshop Magazine, Alone with some features from CG Society.”

4. What is your goal?

“My goal is get people inspired by the art I make. Hearing feedback from people is always good. It always help to get a fresh eye to look over and review your art. I’d like to keep getting published in magazines and get awarded as it’s a good feeling. All artists should be passionate about their art. Nothing better than getting recognized for your art.”

5. Please share a short message to the young artists who want to pursue their dreams in digital arts.

“I would say that keep doing your best and keep practicing. I believe if I can do it, others can do as well. It is just about keep practicing and learning and the important thing is the idea. You can have the most realistic render but without an idea it will be just another random render. If you make a simple render with a nice idea around it that’s what people will notice at the end of the day. I wish all the best for the new artists and hopefully others will have the same feeling I have.”

Ahmad Turki also won in previous editions of Middle East Talents Awards. It proves that he is always consistent on his love and passion in arts. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your brilliant masterpiece in META and with Pixelhunters team. Keep creating stunning artworks!