Ahmad Turki – Winner in META Exterior Video

The second edition of Middle East Talents Awards is successful not only because of the creative digital arts but moreover from the brilliant and world-class talents of digital artists who joined the competition.

As we continue our appreciation to all the winning artists of Middle East Talents Awards, we are glad to share our interview with Ahmad Turki, the winning artist from Jordan for the Exterior Video category. Here is the link for the winning piece “Old Street Video”: http://metalentsawards.com/en/contest/view/811  

1. What is your inspiration to make the winning piece?

“I like recreating old places, for me it’s more fun than doing an modern architecture renders, I like to spend time googling old places photos and have some really nice references.”

2. Share some experiences during the making of your artwork.

“I was mainly focusing on the atmosphere of the scene, I wanted to keep the scene busy by adding props such as (Trees, Bushes, People , Birds , Leaves ) , So I had to add all these props and then move on with the texturing process, I was using Photoshop and PixPlant for my old walls and dirt textures, XFrog and Ivy Generator were used for the tree’s and climbing bushes and a physical sky with some area lighting filling for the lighting.”

3. What is the best digital art that you have done apart from the winning artwork in META that you want to share to the digital artist community?

“I was a part of the feature movie Postman Pat that was out in theaters in May 2014, It was a fun project to work with, A 3D cartoonish style movie based from the old Stop Motion TV series.”

Here’s the movie trailer:


4. Please share short message to the young artists who want to pursue their dreams in digital arts.

“I recommend everyone who’s working in 3D Animation field to make sure to have your own style of art. I think if you keep doing what other artists do, people won’t notice you. It’s a good thing to have your own style of work and renders and always have a variety of renders in your Portfolio.”

Apart from his winning piece, here are some creations from Ahmad Turki which he submitted in Middle East Talents Awards:



Toilet V II













See this link for more of his artworks: http://metalentsawards.com/en/index/author/284

Thank you for sharing your talent. Pixelhunters (http://www.pixelhunters.com) and Middle East Talents Awards team will look forward to witness more of your amazing artworks. Good wishes and congratulation!