In the 3D world – How to Create an Award Winning Piece?

People are now living in a 3D world that makes life more entertaining and vivid. Nowadays, almost every industry has been fascinated by the 3D technology. 3D movies and 3D games are good epitome – many people believed that it’s the 3D factor that impressed the audience.

Through the technological advancement in our 3D world, the demand to make an award winning piece – like 3D animation film, 3D games, 3D architectural rendering, 3D graphics, 3D artwork and presentations increases. The truth is creating an award winning piece is a tough challenge even for the experienced artists. Let us share some advices that might be helpful for creating an award winning piece:

1. In animation field, it is always better to apply new styles. Every artist is creative in own innovative way and giving new styles to the audience can captivates the attention easily.

2. Making a show reel with good quality visuals is important. The more people you succeed to impress, higher the chance to receive a recognition.

3. It is an advantage to seek advice and tips from producers, directors and people around for a project such as 3D games, short film, artwork or rendering. By communicating to other people, new ideas and strategies may come up too.

4. Apart from seeking advice from the professionals, spend some time for research. Through research, an artist will get more suggestions and techniques.

5. For making a 3D digital artwork, try to achieve a professional and interesting result. Remember that an artist work represents the artist himself.

6. It feels good to see an emotional response from the viewers – whether it is happiness, laughter or sadness. In that way, an artist will see how the audience visualizes the story behind the work piece.

7. Try to visualize the end result in your head even before you start working – If you don’t know where you want to go – you may end up somewhere else.

8. Always finish the work, no one doesn’t like to see unfinished or half-finished works. If you want to achieve the greatest result and receive the maximum opportunities – you need to deliver a work to the full extent.

9. Apply your work into local and international competitions – for Middle East Area you can try at – a platform to showcase talents in the Middle East Area and to help them in their career growth.

10. Learn and explore new insights that are trending in the market and technology. Mixed style is one of the latest trends in the animation industry as shown on Big Hero 6 which gives western and eastern styles. Another emerging trend in the field of gaming is Virtual Reality (VR) that let the players to step inside the game and the virtual world.

11. Put the best foot forward! Any artist who make their best work and extend full effort can stand out to the industry.

The competition in the 3D world today is full of challenges. To achieve an award is not that easy but anything is possible as long as the artist believes in his talents and skills. Whether an artist is a beginner or professional, it is essential to have determination and strength to win.

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