Finding the right employees for a business is not always easy. In fact, there are so many applicants all over the world nowadays. One of the primary challenges that employers facing today is employee recruitment and retention.

Many employers receive hundreds of job applications. Among to these applications, we have to think which resume is suitable for the job position. The question goes: How to make hiring decisions that will help to hire the best employees? Of course, employers seek for applicants who are strong performers and engaged to their work. Let us help by giving some tips for hiring the right employees:

1. After receiving and reviewing a resume, the employer should have a list of all the job duties required in the job. While conducting an interview, employer need to speak about the job role and develop questions that will help you to understand whether the applicant have any of the experience listed. It will be better to conduct a behavioral type of interview to evaluate the candidate experiences and behavior. Through this, it can determine the candidate’s potential for success.
2. Determine the type of skills and education required for job. For example, does the candidate need a particular degree to perform the job or does the candidate have enough skills and experience suitable for job?  These questions will be answered by the employer itself. Let the candidate share the previous job experiences, skills performed, awards received and many more. Employers should see the awards or certificates that the applicant received.
3. Conduct a thorough background check. There are proper ways to find out the candidate’s working background such as talking to their previous employer or associates in order to get summary information about the candidate.
4. Provide a concise and clear job preview. The employer has to be sure that the job description and deliverable are explained in detail to the candidate. The candidate should not be left guessing about the job responsibilities. In that way, the chosen candidate will develop his/her ideas in the job roles.
5. When the employer found the right candidate, make the candidate hire! Make sure that salary range and offer letter has been discussed. Orient the new employee to the company and other members of the organization. Encourage the new employee appropriately and let the employee be comfortable.


Hiring the best employee will be possible if the employer understands what the employee needs before hiring them and supporting the employee to the job. Remember that the quality of people we hire is one of the key enablers of success in any business. This is similar to the quote from a German writer named Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, “A great person attracts great people and knows how to hold them together.”