Freedom and Passion in Creating Dreams – The Key to Entwining Your Future

freedom to achieve dreamsWhen you look at a corporate office or perhaps you have opened a magazine or you browsed a website, you see what seems to be a ‘perfect life’ for someone. You might also see someone reaching his dreams. Suddenly, you just feel that string of being unsure of yourself. Suddenly, you just feel a streak of low self-confidence in you, that someone else looks like they have the ideal state of reaching their dreams with the perfect opportunity while you are there, struggling to keep your head above the water. Believe us, you are not alone.

Some people have found a realization in the process of reaching their dreams. Some people just don’t. But, you have to know that there is one insight out there that puts someone above the others. Sometimes the feeling of being limited can paralyze you from reaching your dreams. However, when you understand the true meaning of lack of restrictions, you will start living by it. You will finally allow finding yourself in your career path. You have to realize that there are no rules. You need to live with the fact that freedom does exist.

Creating Your Dreams with Passion

You desire for excitement. You yearn for change. You have this big dream in you continually flowing like a secret fountain of youth. Having a dream is potent, beautiful and energetic – but at the same time, it can also be frustrating and exhausting, especially when you are trying to fit in the industry where competition is high. We know passion will keep you recharged and going. Passion is going to pump up your inspiration and motivations, making you feel like a huge part of the group of people chasing their dreams. Then, you realize that when the sense of freedom and passion sprouts in you, you suddenly feel hopeful. So, what is next? You need to find the medium of making that dream come true.

This is what Middle East Talents Awards is all about. We thought that it is one medium for the younger generation who want to be somebody in the digital arts industry. Yes, we want to make you feel like you are catching the stars. We want to make you feel like you are running in the field, trying to reach for the sky stretching right before your eyes. Some of you may feel like this is next to impossible and believe us, this is where most dreamers like you give up. But, you also have to believe us that the distance between your life now and the future is never that far. You just have to believe that you are capable of doing so, and that you are choosing the right paths to take.

Middle East Talent Awards isn’t just a competition. We want to motivate you on the positive side of ambition and desire to succeed. We want to keep you excited rather than feeling the pressure of life’s challenges. Be a part of your dream. Feel the freedom. Sense the passion. Create your dream. Entwine with your bright future.

Pixelhunters & Middle East Tallents Awards in a collaboration with ANIMAGO AWARDS

animago AWARD 2014 – Participate now!

Here we go: DIGITAL PRODUCTION, German trade magazine for digital media productions and visualisation, is already in the FINAL CALL FOR ENTRIES for the 18th animago AWARD. And you’re invited to register online at for the 2014 contest. The registration deadline for submissions is July 21, 2014.
More than 1,000 submissions in 2013, which were sent to us by international digital artists from 66 different countries – what a great recognition for our project. The animago AWARD has indeed now firmly established itself as a major name across the entire globe. Last year, the animago celebrated a record number of submitted productions and once again reflected a fantastic range of themes that showcased not only the inspiring creativity of the artists but also their outstanding technical performance and skill.

Especially we like to call attention to “BEST YOUNG PRODUCTION”. Each year this category is endowed with prize money € 3,000. Each person of the winner team additionally will get a RenderCube sponsored by our partner CADnetwork.
Also a big Thank You goes to Dell & Nvidia. They will be sponsoring the category “JURY´S PRIZE” and the lucky winners will receive a Precision Workstation M3800 with a high-performance NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics card.

Participation is free of charge and worthwhile for both professionals and newcomers. Individuals who send in their productions are not just subjecting their work to the vote of the independent jury; they are also taking advantage of the opportunity to showcase their abilities within the industry. The ceremonial animago AWARD gala on October 16, 2014 at the Potsdam-Babelsberg Media City is the climax of the two-day animago AWARD & CONFERENCE.

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Pixelhunters & FUNN Sharjah Media Arts for Youth and Children in collaboration for Middle East Talents Awards

We are very pleased and excited to announce that Pixelhunters is now in collaboration with FUNN Sharjah Media Arts for Youth and Children (– an organization under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher Al Qasimi, wife of His Highness, the Ruler of Sharjah that promotes media art for the youth of Sharjah and United Arab Emirates.

Governed under Sharjah Islamic Culture Capital, FUNN works on its vision towards nurturing the future generation of creative artists in media and film.
The first Middle East Talents Awards created a huge hit among young artists and thriving individuals in getting their skills seen across the world. This year, we would like to announce that META will coordinate with FUNN to bring about the best of our youth in media arts.

Middle East Talents Awards will help in supporting and promoting Sharjah International Children’s Film Festival – an event hosted by FUNN to develop young film makers and digital artists amidst this highly competitive industry. The film festival is to encourage and promote the media literacy of young generation, cultivate children’s sense of creativity and show their skills in filmmaking.

In relation to this, short films created by children participating in Middle East Talents Awards will also have the chance to be showcased to FUNN’s film festival. A representative from their organization will also become one of the judges for META’s next season of awards.

Just like FUNN, Pixelhunters will conduct workshops on computer animation during their festival – all free of charge. This is to continue to impart our knowledge and expertise to the children who are showing interest in digital arts. We are happy to be a part of this collaboration while we continue to push through our educational activities for the youth.

Middle East Talents Awards is announcing the winners

Middle East Talents Awards, together with Pixelhunters, 3D Artist, Chaos Group, CG Record and Stylus Copywriting, go hand in hand in bringing brightness to the world of undiscovered talents in Middle East. We hunt for individuals who have strong interest in showing their talents in digital arts. We would like to recognize that talent and give them the support they need as a budding artist by giving them the platform of learning, fun and sense of competition.


We were astonished by the hundreds of entries submitted for nine different categories from different individuals across the world. We are more than happy to see a lot of aspiring individuals trying to make a difference through their skills. We are overwhelmed with the number of people wanting to be somebody in the industry. Above all, we are so delighted to be a part of their humble beginnings as young professionals.


With an overwhelming 569 submissions, we decided to not just pick a winner for a particular category. We would also like to notice the talents across the entire section. Some of our artists have multiple artworks that show their uniqueness and skilful hands in different categories that is why we would like to award not just their single masterpiece but the artist himself as a whole. Since META is all about discovering talents, all awarded artists will be featured along with their best outputs.


Today, we announce the first winners of Middle East Talents Awards. May this be an encouragement to all individuals who have hopes of becoming an artist to continue showing the world that their talents can make a difference.




Category: Most Rated Artwork: 717 Rates Khaled Jalal-most rated

Artist: Khaled Jalal, Syria.

Submission: Self Portrait Concept Art



Category: Short Film Made by a Single Person egg-factory-short-film

Artist: Vishwanatha, United Arab Emirates

Submission: Egg Factory



Category: 2D Characters wrinkledterror2D

Subcategory: 2D Still:

Artist: RENJU.MV, India

Submission: Wrinkled Terror


 Category: 2D Characters 2Dvideo

Subcategory: 2D Videos

Artist: Amaal Abdullah Alkhasheb, Yemen

Submission: The Government Line




Category: 3D CharactersImage converted using ifftoany

Subcategory: 3D Characters Stills – Cartoon

Artist: Raorohith, United Arab Emirates

Submission: The Pussycat Dolls






Category: 3D Characters3Dphotorealistic

Subcategory: 3D Characters Stills – Photorealistic

Artist: Rishi, United Arab Emirates

Submission: Monster Sculpt






Category: 3D Characters3Dcharactersvideo

Subcategory: 3D Characters Videos

Artist: Alaa Aldeen Afifah, United Arab Emirates

Submission: Character Animation Demo Reel


Catergoty: Interiorsinterior still

Subcategory: Interiors Stills

Artist: Muhammad Taher, Egypt

Submission: Maroccan Majlis






Catergoty: Interiorsinteriorsvideo

Subcategory: Interiors Videos

Artist: Ahmad, Jordan

Submission: Art Class Movie


Category: Exteriors exteriors2D

Subcategory: Exteriors Stills – 2D

Artist: Binu Rojers SP, India

Submission: Market


Category: Exteriors exterior3Dstill

Subcategory: Exteriors Stills – 3D

Artist: Mohammad Yazdi Rad, Iran

Submission: Chaharbagh School


Category: Exteriors exteriorsvideo

Subcategory: Exteriors Videos

Artist: Sherif Gazzar, United Arab Emirates

Submission: Bab Al Bahr


 Category: Carscars

Subcategory: Cars Stills

Artist: Ajdin, Croatia

Submission: Trucks Caravana


 Category: Carscarsvideo

Subcategory: Cars Videos

Artist: Fabien Vantroys, Qatar

Submission: Need for Skid


Category: Motivationalmotivationalstill

Subcategory: Motivational Stills

Artist: Jones, Iran

Submission: Frantic Perception






Category: Motivationalmotivationalvideo

Subcategory: Motivational Videos

Artist: Sreekumar Thottathil, Qatar

Submission: Show Reel Sreekumar


Category: Innovationinnovationstill

Subcategory: Innovation Stills

Artist: Ehsan Sarahian, Iran

Submission: Desert Lucast Vehicle, Iran



Category: Innovationinnovation-videos

Subcategory: Innovation Videos

Artist: Eyad Orabi, United Arab Emirates

Submission: Absract


Category: Expo 2020

Artist: Vijay, India


 *All Statuettes winners will receive also a Pixelhunters T-shirt





Artist: Mohammad Yazdi Rad, Iran












Artist: Raorohith, United Arab Emirates


Submissions: The Pussycat Dolls & Doll Beauty Salon

Image converted using ifftoany   edulicense













Alexandra Kavalova, Canada for her Baianas and The Romanovs submissions












Denitsa, Bulgaria for her Elf Legolas and Fairy Forest submissions



Zdravko Barisic, Serbia and Montenegro, for his Architects Loft Daynight Time









Rakan Jandali, United Arab Emirates for Mondrian Inspired Hotel Room and Split House Interior submission

mondian  rakan




Eychenne Mickael, France, for Pirat town submission








Veselin Gyurov, Bulgaria, for Veselin Georgiev Gyurov Showreel submission



Shahriar Hosseini, Iran, For Ford GT 500 submission



Richard, South Africa, for 1955 BMW Isetta 300 submission








Stephen M Rupia, South Africa, for Haunted Villa








Huda Abdul-Razzak, United Arab Emirates, for he Portrait of a Woman submission 

portrait of woman











Kudzai Gumbo, United Arab Emirates, for his Queen submission








Salama Alhajeri, United Arab Emirates, for her Old woman submission











Rozan Alsadi, United Arab Emirates, for his Old Man submission

old man












Muhammad Taher, Egypt, for his Morrocan Majilis

interior still











Yones Bana and Mohammadreza Mohseni, Iran for Frantic Perception submission











Mohit, India, for Interior Bedroom Top View and Summer Hear submissions

mohit mohit2








Rakan Jandali, United Arab Emirates for Split House Interior and Modern Apartment Dining Area submissions









Zdravko Barisic, Serbia and Montenegro, for his Architects Loft Daynight Time








Pawel, Poland, for Public Space Submission











Ahmad, Jordan, for his Robot submission











Nitin.D.Mahale, United Arab Emirates for Court Space Submission

court space










Rishi, United Arab Emirates for Monster Sculpt submission












Richard, South Africa, for 1955 BMW Isetta 300 submission








But this doesn’t end here. In fact, we are just beginning to discover what our future generation can offer.


Congratulations to All Winners! We are looking forward to see much more of your works.

Please email us at to inform us about your latest address and telephone number.



Career path for young people

Knowing What Hinders Them and How to Deal With It Have you started thinking about which career to take?


Some people may think that choosing a career path might be as easy as picking a major. Well, this is not generally the case. Planning your career is a little bit complicated and is considered a tough process by most individuals. This is the reason why you should take the steps needed and act accordingly in a very attentive way.


One good example are young individuals showing their interest in the arts industry. The evolution of digital arts in that matter brought about hundreds of young people wishing to take part in the breakout. The thing about digital arts industry is that it changes constantly. It is dynamic by nature. Without professionals to teach young minds, one digital artist can never ride along the bandwagon of innovation. It is due to this example that you should study your field well and know how to catch up with it. This is also the reason why one digital artist should consider scouting for internship opportunities in order to go along with the updates and trends.


Yes, there are different programs that have been developed by companies and universities in order to help young people jumpstart their career. Moreover, these choices allow young jobseekers to narrow their choices and find a path that yields success. However, just like any path, there is always a rough part of the road. It is common to see a lot of young individuals facing challenges and it is more common to see them feeling lost. If you are in this situation, then learn to do something about it.


Survival of the Fittest for Young People in the Job hunting Market


During the current economic climate which is originally described as the most challenging labour scenario for young people, market researchers found out that most of these young jobseekers are overwhelmed with high competition, low demand and speed of digital process of recruitment that seems like moving faster than ever. Because of the vast competition, it is a little bit challenging for these young individuals to catch up with the highlights in the labour market.


There has been many researches that highlight the hardships these young people face in today’s job hunting arena. With a competitive economy, most individuals find it a little bit daunting to enter the work force, making it vulnerable for young ones to fall on underemployment and even unemployment at its worst.


Competition- It is indeed one of the challenges that these professionals face. In this digital era, the entire recruitment process has been made easier and faster. This is why some people seem to be unaware of the available job openings nearby their area. They also do not know that a quicker response to any job posting is required to determine success. This is particularly accurate in the digital arts market. Since most of these professionals are taking their game online, it follows that a fast moving process online also makes it available to almost everybody. In fact, these kinds of vacancies are easily filled, causing the employers to close the applications within few days and even hours.


Finding Employment in a Tight Economy


One of the best ways to jumpstart your career is to begin working on your passion projects during your free time. If you are a struggling digital artist, start it off. Having such activities and hobbies related to it will validate your diligence and efficiency. These are actually some of the qualities every employee is looking for. It could be related to any of the following:


• Participating in voluntary works related to your career


• Creating and building your online portfolio and blog posts


• Attending workshops and seminars


• Taking technical courses and scouting for open internships and trainings.


If you are going to engage yourself to these options, you will increase your chances of landing a job and even getting yourself ready. Sometimes, an individual who starts to interact with other people who share his passion is capable to get employed easily through recommendations or social media platforms sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn.


In a firm labour market, it is hard to get employed. Nevertheless, don’t stop sending your resume and portfolio. Take the proactive way of calling a possible employer or ask the employed people if their companies have openings or accept internships. If you are able to identify your strengths and determine which ones you like doing the most, you won’t make mistakes in taking your career path.


About Dr. Ani Atanasova:


Dr. Ani Atanasova is the CEO of LIFIHUNTERS & PIXELHUNTERS companies. She has a multi-faceted and multi-national background in science, culture, management, and a strong scientific background in the Quantum and Optoelectronics field. Dr. Atanasova is the United Arab Emirates’ Correspondent for the Young Business Leaders Organization France, she is the chair of the UAE Chapter of the International Game Developers Association, a core management team member of CEO Clubs UAE female division, and is a juror of the 2012-2013 International Business Awards, Stevie Awards and “A Design” Awards.


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