Becoming an Animator – Learning What It Takes to be a Successful Pro

Animator at work

Unlike the rest of us, Toothless and Hiccup were not born in a day. Actually, this loveable duo from How to Train Your Dragon loved by many children around the world was amazingly designed by a group of talented animators facing their computer screens. While you may have seen them on cinemas, the adorable dragon and the determined young boy are simply a product of simultaneous still images intricately controlled in order to visualize an illusion of series of movements on the screen.

The army of animators doesn’t just work on your favourite children’s movies. They also play imperative roles in the making of action blockbusters such as The Lego movie, Transformers, high resolution video games, exquisite television commercials and many others! So, how would you like to become one of the people who make these exciting projects come true?

Also known as multimedia artists, animators create animation, special effects and other visual images using electronic tools and computers for creations or products. In such competitive field, it is essential for you to know that you have everything that it takes to pour your energy into career in animation. So, what does it mean to be a successful in the field?

Successful Animator – Defining the Character

If animation is your forte, you have to determine if you have to qualities to pour yourself into the profession. For instance, a successful animator knows when to be inquisitive and curious about the world around them. An animator sees the world a lot different than an average person.

Animators should be experts of the art of movement. This is the reason why big studios around the world consider an acting experience helpful in carrying out animation. For instance, Pixar Animation Studios like to stress the importance on how their candidates ensure they know how to show their character’s feelings through its motion.

The Technical Skills

So you have decided you are a natural animator and are ready to excel in your career. What about the technical skills needed?
Animators are artistic. They think outside the box. For them to give life to their ideas and visualize the dream they have in mind, they need to be analytical and creative. The mixture of being tech savvy and practical skills can be the perfect ingredient to foster in this field.

A lot of individuals also ask whether you need to know how to draw in order to become a good animator. Experts emphasize the importance of firm drawing skills. It is essential to have a vivid understanding of how a character is drawn and how the animator visualizes its movements. You, however, don’t have to draw like a famous painter but you need to know the fundamentals of drawing and art.

While some institution’s procedure of teaching animation varies from one to another, it is important for you to understand the skills of audio-video editing, color conjecture, web authoring and digital media production. Exposing yourself to advanced software such as 3D Studio Max, Adobe Flash and Mudbox is integral. These are the common skills you can get by getting an animation degree.

The Most Needed Experience

Apprenticeship plays a vital role in your career in animation. Why? The answer is simple. Not all institutions with animation courses can give you the most updated resolutions towards a modern animation product. You however, can obtain training through getting experience from entry-level jobs. Internships on animation studios are a good way to earn practice hands-on animation career. It provides you a good material for a professional portfolio that shows your artistic skills as an animator. Above all, it is your best chance to work with professional animators who can give worthy inputs.

Are you up for the challenge?

Bringing characters to life is a fun, challenging and exciting job. However, don’t expect animation career to be an easy path. Animators work long hours to beat deadlines. If you are passionate about your dreams and determined to do what you do best, this high-pressure field shouldn’t put you off a bit.