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Chairman: Dr. Ani Atanasova, CEO & Co-founder Pixelhunters

Dr. Ani Atanasova is the initiator of this Digital Arts Competition. She has a multi-faceted and multi-national background in science, culture, and management.  As a specialty she has a strong scientific background in the Quantum and Optoelectronics field, working on several patented projects of the European Union.  She is also an active and contributing member of ILLA/LTL Plovdiv, the largest laser symposium in Eastern Europe.  Dr. Atanasova is also the United Arab Emirates' Correspondent for the Young Business Leaders Organization France, she is the chair of the UAE Chapter of the International Game Developers Association, she is a core management team member of CEO Clubs UAE female division,  and is a juror of the 2013 International Business Awards, Stevie Awards and A Design Awards.

Iliya Atanasov - Studio Director & Co-founder Pixelhunters

Iliya Atanasov, since his early years has had a single passion to create virtual computer art.  He has grown his expertise and pursued his career exploring and dominating all the various stages of the digital production and post-production.  He began with broadcast content editing and creation, and later on transferred his mature expertise to the most challenging movie and TVC visual effects production and 3D animation, creating and publishing award winning international productions. His work has garnered many personal awards and has been featured in recognized CG publications, such as Expose, 3D World Magazine, 3D artist and others.

Steve Holmes – 3D Artist 

Steve is from the UK and earned his degree from the prestigious media school at Bournemouth University. From there he embarked on a career in publishing, working across a portfolio of videogames magazines that include Retro Gamer, Play and games™. A lifelong fan of games and films, Steve now oversees 3D Artist with a keen interest in the industry, and a keen eye to match.


Larissa Mori – 3D Artist Staff Writer

Larissa was born in Bangkok, and since then has travelled around the globe, living in such locals as Yangon, Yerevan and Rome. Having enjoyed both art and computer science from a young age, she was compelled to head to England to study Computer Visualisation and Animation at Bournemouth University. She has now brought her knowledge and Maya expertise to the pages of 3D Artist.



Rusko Ruskov - 3D Team Leader and V-Ray Master Trainer, Chaos Group

Rusko Ruskov is a leading 3D artist and V-Ray guru at Chaos Group. He is a master at Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3ds Max and famous for his outstanding V-Ray skills. Rusko is contributing to the V-Ray success with the numerous presentations and trainings he delivers around the world as well as with an active R&D functions on Chaos Group products.


Simeon Balabanov - 3D Artist and V-Ray Master Trainer, Chaos Group

Simeon is a 3D professional with more than 6 years’ experience in the field of 3d modeling and rendering. Before joining Chaos Group, he worked as a CG Supervisor at some of the biggest animation studios in Bulgaria. Simeon joined the Chaos Group 3D team in 2012 and since then is one of the company’s top presenters.  

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Technical University-Sofia and his focus is on V-Ray for 3ds Max and V-Ray for Maya


Maryam Nademi - Co-founder CG Record

Maryam Nademi, an Architect and 3dartist living and working in Dubai; is the co-Founder of the

Currently Visualization Director at ZAS International. Some of her works has been published by Autodesk INC. and Ballistic Publishing in Elemental 3, A book showcasing the most beautiful Autodesk art.


Enrico Tomaselli - Art Director of Magmart | video under volcano, international videoart festival (VIII editions)


Enrico Tomaselli was born in Palermo, and has studied art and graphic in Palermo and Rome, and now he lives and works in Naples, Italy.
He carries forward a classical art background handed to him through deeply rooted family,
he has followed the creative spur going first at Artistic High School in Palermo, and at
European Institute of Design in Rome later.
He is working in the field of graphic and multimedia design.


Nigel Holt - founder of Stylus Copywriting

Nigel Holt is a British copywriter with many years of experience in writing imaginative and effective business and education content that not only speaks simply, but works with impact to overcome the 'noise' that unimaginative writing makes.