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Country : Iraq

Our Life

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Author : twana

Author status: Professional

Country : Iraq

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Portfolio category: Short movies

Contest category: Motivational

Contest: Middle East Contest #2

Used software: 3Ds Max


Actually The idea of this Graphic is not imaginary but it is based upon a fact. when one of us like the Box comes into life tries to Strengthen his Existence. I am not talking about financial This progress is normal, but what is surprising is regardless of the Progress of the box is diminished in a short time I am Sure the aim of the box way something else other than what it acknowledgedI feel like the reason behind the existence of the Box and its coming and leaving is described in the religionsMy thinking is not Passive,but the store of the box is undeniable fact.How to be optimistic about tomorrow when I have the same story of the boxbe.netgallery18253445Our-Life