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Country : Lebanon

Walking In My Neuron Field

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Walking In My Neuron Field


Author : Zakhia

Author status: Professional

Country : Lebanon

Company : Dakkash

Portfolio category: Motion Graphics

Contest category: Motivational

Contest: Middle East Contest #2

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After breaking up with my girlfriend, many emotional feelings has been disordered I couldnt help myself getting back to who I AM so easily, because its not something touchable to fix back as a broken vase or pen It was the heart..I would love to show you MY way for visualizing the Mental and Education section of my Wheel Of Life and how I let it affect and heal my Family and Home section of this last.I modeled the Neurons in max, entering inside my thoughts and check out what was disordered from its track and path..Mesh done in max with Vray SSS2 material.Minor post in Ps added myself in a same lighting of the scene.Hope you like it