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Dubai 2020 IN WRITING


People dream: they make their impossible dreams come true. Human history is the record of making the impossible possible—the Great Pyramids, aeroplanes, mile-high buildings and flights to the stars.

Dubai is a city of dreams, but what will it be like in 2020? It's not far away, but technology and people change all the time—sometimes radically.


What will Dubai be like? We want to hear about your dream, whether it's big or small, simple or complex, sensible or fantastic.


Tell us your vision of a future Dubai with the power of your imagination so you can make the impossible possible—give your creativity free rein!


If you like writing, describe your vision of Dubai 2020 in English prose, poetry or dialogue—but please—not more than two hundred words!


And don't forget—be creative!


If you want to participate, please send us your vision at and we will publish it here.

The competition will be judged by Nigel Holt of Stylus Copywriting. The entry will be announced on May 31, 2014, and the prize will be a personally designed CV from Stylus Copywriting, worth AED 1200!