The Making of “Lemons” by Rosana Marar

“Hello, Middle East Talents Awards it’s me again, Rosana Marar.”

“My main passion and interest is 3D animation. Nevertheless, I love to do some render shots and creating 3D models from time to time. I’m a huge fan of Autodesk Maya so I’m pretty comfortable with using almost 90% of its tools, so like I mentioned in the previous tutorial I know how to do everything in the animation pipeline.”

Let us go through the educational tutorial for the META 2017 entry “Lemons” ( here:

Step 1: Modeling

“The modeling part for this still rendered 3D image was simple and straightforward. First of all, I modeled the lemons starting with a simple cube primitive. Then I added loops to it and started forming the shape of the Lemon. I did the same thing for the leaves; in addition, I used bending tools to acquire the desired result.”





Step 2: Texturing and Shading

“Everyone who is working in the animation field is pretty familiar with this step. Basically, it’s where you have to virtually convert the 3D models into a 2D form in order for them to match the assigned textures. I chose appropriate Renderman materials and changed their attribute according to the required output. Furthermore, I added bump/ normal maps to each model to give extra details and make it look more realistic.”




Step 3: Light and Render

“As for the lighting of the scene, I placed one “key” area light on the left of the lemons that have a yellowish color and another “ambient/fill” area light on the top left corner to brighten up the scene. Also, I added “Rim” light to make the lemons look separated from the background of the scene.”

“The rendering engine that I used is Pixar’s Renderman.”




Final Render:



Middle East Talents Awards team would like to thank you once again for sharing your skills and talents. Your digital artworks are interesting and it is important to always stand out from the crowd. Always be inspire and strive to push to create something original. We wish you all the best in your career and the competition.

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