The Making of “Batgirl” by Shady Ahmed El-Laithy

Shady Ahmed El-Laithy is a 3D character and 3D light artist from Cairo, Egypt. He worked in several 3D animation TV projects and won several CG awards. He was also featured in 3D Artist Magazine and some of his works were nominated in Expose 10 to be published. Currently, he works as an Art Director and 3D Team Leader.

His entry in Middle East Talents Awards 2017 is the 3D character named “Batgirl” ( Let us find out more about his digital artwork through his educational tutorial here:

“I am a big fan of DC World, so I wondered what if bat girl exists in dark medieval era so I start working on this project.”


“First, I block bat girl body using primitive shapes.”



Sculpting and refining

“I used a dynamesh technique to blend all the shapes together in Zbrush and the start to refine my model.”


“I used Maya to retopo my model and imported again into Zbrush to start detailing the body.”

Building armor

“I sketched the body armor using Zbrush build brushes and then retopo it again using Maya quad draw.”





“I used Zbrush transpose master to pose my character.”




“I started painting the armor using substance painter to give it the hard surface look.”



Lighting my scene

“I built studio light to using 3 point light and sky dome.”































FX for Batgirl

“I used Maya Xgen for the hair and interactive grooming for the short hair.”




“It was my first time to use Arnold 5 in shading, it was an easy and fun way to give life to Batgirl.”



Render final image

“I used Photoshop to refine the final output.”

keyshot clay render


Middle East Talents Awards team is happy to see the tutorial behind your digital artwork “Batgirl”. Creating 3D character might not be easy but it is important to push ourselves in each new shot as we constantly learn. In digital arts world, there are always new things to learn that will help us to utilize our skills better. Keep creating digital arts as we are excited to witness more of your talents and skills.

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