Sandesh Shrivastava – Winner in META Cars Video

Middle East Talents Awards acknowledged all the digital artists who contributed their amazing and impressive talents for this competition.

As we continue to give recognition to the all the META winners, here is Sandesh Shrivastava, from India who won the Cars Video category for his work 3D Car in Real Environment Here’s our interview with the winning artist:

1. What is your inspiration to make the winning piece?

“I always watch VFX breakdown videos so I want to make the same video. I believe always start with small projects before big projects. I first model a car “Mini Cooper “and I was planning to merge my car in a footage but according to my project a single image “Back plate” was enough. I always watch VFX breakdown and others work it’s my biggest inspiration.”

2. Share some experiences during the making of your artwork.

“Before I was just trying to merge my car in background but then I thought I can move this car as well. I know a little bit rigging but I am not a hardcore rigger so I just prepare a basic rig for my car and I animate my car.”

3. What is the best digital art that you have done apart from the winning artwork in META that you want to share to the digital artist community?

“For me my best works are my transformer which was my first animation work and my 3D tortoise. I have done better works where I work but unfortunately I can’t share it. I have made a show reel link:”

4. Please share short message to the young artists who want to pursue their dreams in digital arts.

“Don’t think before start. Just start what you want to make.”

Apart from his winning piece, Sandesh shared another 3D showreel in Middle East Talents Awards. This is the link for the video:

On behalf of Pixelhunters and META team, we are glad to see your skills through this competition. May this platform will set as a beginning to see more of your amazing talents. Indeed, the passion to digital arts is an encouraging factor especially to the young artists.

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