Saif Alatrash – Winner in META Motivational Video

The success of Middle East Talents Awards is dedicated to all the winning artists who shared their talents and the young artists who are searching and waiting for a bigger break in the industry.

As recognition to each winner, Saif Alatrash of Jordan was announced as META Motivational Video winner. Here is the link for the artist’ winning piece entitled “Apollo Road”: Let’s get to know more about the artist through our short interview with our winner, Saif Alatrash:

1. What is your inspiration to make the winning piece?

I would say the passion and the way you want to express yourself without boundaries as we know there’s no limitation for Imagination.”

2. Share some experiences during the making of your artwork.

Well, it really starts with a small idea while I was listening to piece of music, after that I start with a small sketches then the idea become getting to life.”

3. What is the best digital art that you have done apart from the winning artwork in META that you want to share to the digital artist community?

Well I did many piece of art Work but I will choose Apollo Road, you can also check my online gallery here:”

4. Please share short message to the young artists who want to pursue their dreams in digital arts.

The most important thing is passion, just do what you like to do, don’t listen to other people opinion whatever they said to you, stay away from negative people even If you had to be alone, close the door open your imagination stay focused and you will get there.”

Aside from his short film Apollo Road, Saif created a Stadium concept that he also submitted in META.












Pixelhunters and META team were happy to witness your talents and creativity through this platform. May you continue to shine in your passion and create more inspiring artworks.


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