Oday Saleh Abu Zaed – Winner in META 2015 Interior Still

Middle East Talents Awards 2015 was a busy edition as our team works with beautiful and terrific entries this year. One of the toughest category to judge for this year’s META is the Interior as majority of digital artworks sent are all awesome. Creating 3D interior renderings – making 3D models, CG environments and architectural visualization is not that easy but with the great skills of digital artists photorealistic CGI is possible!

Let’s get to know Oday Saleh Abu Zaed, a 3D Artist from Egypt and our winner in META Interior still category. Here’s our short interview about his winning piece Old Chair:

  1. What is your inspiration to make the winning piece?

“What inspired me was a young artist named Mazon Menzies. From his piece, I decided to recreate it with my own style.”

  1. What are the challenges and experiences you faced during the making of your artwork?

“I faced a lot of challenges during the making of the artwork. The first one was how to make such a light that makes you feel warm and old, the second one was Teddy and its hair system how to make it look really old and forgotten.”

  1. Of all the digital arts you created, which one are you most proud of apart from your winning piece in META and why?

“That would be the Harry Potter fan art I did 6 months ago, and why?! That’s easy because I am a big fan of Harry Potter books series and one the most exhausting scenes I have ever made.”


Oday Saleh Abu Zaed


  1. What is your goal?

“My lifetime goal is to open own animation studio and be among the few Arabs whom will receive The Oscars and also spread the concept of sharing and open source.”

Please share a short message to the young artists who want to pursue their dreams in digital arts.

“For everyone who wants to be an artist, learn on your own and trust yourself no matter what anybody says it’s not good, trust in every depression or creativity block it will lead you to a great success. I almost drop Image here and also ask a lot. The more you ask, the more you get better as all great artist was once armature.”


We, at META and Pixelhunters team are thankful for sharing your thoughts about your winning piece. Keep dreaming and reach for your goals. Your talent and skillful hand will bring you far! Congratulations to you again!

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