Mrityunjay Bhardwaj – Winner in META 2015 Innovation Still

Our winner for META Innovation still  category is Mrityunjay Bhardwaj from India. He is a CG artist for 4 years and he loves what he do.

Middle East Talents Awards proves that there are so many digital artist looking and waited for an opportunity to showcase their works. Certainly, CG and digital art world is huge and we are happy that META digital artist community is growing more every year. With META, our team have witnessed different styles and creativity – from modeling, texturing, animating, rendering and more.

Take a look on the winning art piece “The Tranquility of Human Nature” by Mrityunjay Bhardwaj. Here’s our short interview with him:

  1. What is your inspiration to make the winning piece?

My main inspiration was you guys – the Human and the Mask for the surroundings and the true composition of humanity remaining in our heart.”

“The winning piece is an innovative approach to represent the humanity into a grass ball and its relation with its surrounding. Description, I am really obsessed with society and people – how we act, how we behave and I want to express my observation through ART. I observed that sometimes people are happy and full and dense like this tree but deep inside or in their true reflection they are empty or not dense enough as u can see in the reflection of the tree over the glassball. 2nd thing that I’ve noticed is that when we closely observe ourselves like the society and people nowadays, we become greedy and more ruthless and that composition is represented by these 2 dragons sitting in yin and yang position. The 1st dragon which is covered with grass represent the true happiness, joy in ourselves and the second is a stone dragon which comprises the hardness, ruthlessness or sadness inside the human being. That’s why it occupies the 70 of the glass ball while the heart and the green one occupies only 30 in our heart.”

  1. What are the challenges and experiences you faced during the making of your artwork?

“Apart from some technical difficulties, the most difficult part is to find a way to strongly express my observations through pixels which includes finding the correct form/structures and choosing the correct color pallet to convey the emotion and that feeling so that the viewer get to know the aesthetics of my observations clearly.”

  1. Of all the digital arts you created, which one are you most proud of apart from your winning piece in META and why?

“One of my favorites are “The last selfie”. This artwork is the clear representation of the pressure of marks among the students. Here’s the link:













Another one is “The morning light”, an archviz with a sublime mood (it is an experiment of my archviz skills and mood/color). Here’s the link:”









  1. What is your goal?

“As an artists, we have the power to depict anything through our art and as an artist. I want to show the world what is really happening in ourselves and to our surroundings through my artworks.”

  1. Please share a short message to the young artists who want to pursue their dreams in digital arts.

“Don’t let your age describe about yourself. Never let yourself feel that you are too young for this and that. And in context of digital art, never stop learning. There are always new things to learn. Do experiments. Make your own style and show the world who you are. All the best for your endeavors.”

Middle East Talents Awards and Pixelhunters team are proud of your work. With your young age, we have seen your talents and we believe that you will do more great works in the future. Our team will look forward to see more inspiring works from you. Congratulations!

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