Elie Abou Chaaya – Winner in META 2015 Interior Video

Middle East Talents Awards team is truly honored and grateful to all the digital artists who participated in META. It shows that META is not only a competition but also a platform that shows different skills by designing different high-end digital artworks.

When it comes to architectural entries we received – both modern and traditional artworks has a great impact. Here’s the winner of Interior Video category, Elie Abou Chaaya from Lebanon where he works as a 3D Artist, Architectural Visualizer and a Graphic Instructor. His winning piece for META is the video UE4- Small Apartment Realistic Rendering Showreel. Read our short interview here:

  1. What is your inspiration to make the winning piece?

“My inspiration came from my previous job, as a 3D Visualizer in Erga. I had the privilege to work with one of the Inspirational Concept Architects (My Teacher and a very dear friend of mine, Mr. Maram Atallah), he taught me the language of art to an extreme, and gave me a window to test, create, and try new things, some did fail, and needed tuning, and some were a success as a final result. My years of experience that I spent in his team are never to be forgotten. Inspiration to me, is a beautiful blend between knowing what you’re doing, knowing where you’re going, and most definitely, knowing what you want. Once you got those three things set, the rest will become easy.”

  1. What are the challenges and experiences you faced during the making of your artwork?

“Learning something new is definitely challenging, then again learning a new software, and grasp the very base of it, and assimilate a project management of time, files and hierarchy and create your very own workflow, that brings a quality to your project. I definitely learned many things in creating this project, and used everything I knew, in order to finalize it. It was a great challenge to me, and I enjoyed every moment working on it.”

  1. Of all the digital arts you created, which one are you most proud of apart from your winning piece in META and why?

“Apart from the winning piece in META, I am proud of all the work I created up to this moment especially my very first projects in university. If you take a look at your own very first projects, and compare them to your projects now, you’ll know that in between them, you learned many things, and those first projects were the early steps you make, that either make you quit, or add more determination into you to become better.”

  1. What is your goal?

“A picture is worth ten thousand words, or so they say. Being able to write a story in a still-image or animation, and pass a feeling through it, that’s what I love about me being a digital artist… that’s the reason I work for, and that’s the goal i tend to reach in every project.”

  1. Please share a short message to the young artists who want to pursue their dreams in digital arts.

“Stay up to date with all the magazines, with all the innovations, with all the designs, paint something every day on a small piece of paper, and save it in your drawer, try to express yourself, and sharpen your mind, and always practice new things, eventually, you’ll get better and better.”


For Elie Abou Chaaya, he was hesitant at first to submit his entry for this year’s META. Yet the result was great! Middle East Talents Awards and Pixelhunters feels overwhelmed for your participation and we look forward to see more of your awesome art piece. Congratulations!

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