Alaa Aldeen Afifah – Winner in META 3D Character Video

Middle East Talents Awards received great and fascinated artworks for still and videos. As a continuation of recognition for all META winners, we are happy to share the short interview conducted with the winning artists and their master piece.

An artist from United Arab Emirates has been announced as winner for 3D Character Video subcategory. Check out our short interview with Alaa Aldeen Afifah about his winning piece “The Elf” by watching the video of “The Elf Shot Progression” here:


Alaa Aldeen Afifah submitted short videos in META which he created aside from his winning piece. The artist creations are: “I Feel Good” (, ‘I Can’t Cry for Her” ( and “Character Animation Demo Reel” (

On behalf of Pixelhunters, Middle East Talents Awards, the judges and sponsors – we thank you for your contribution in this art. Your creativity in art will be a great inspiration to the artist community.

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